Haverford Bright Futures Park - Philadelphia PA, USA
Design competition to redesign a neighborhood schoolyard.
Philadelphia Bike Rack Competition Entry 9/2013
BrownSprague LLC 2013 Competition Entry Proposal: CALL FOR ENTRIES: ARTIST-DESIGNED BIKE RACKS – CENTER CITY PHILADELPHIA PROJECT INTENT The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia in partnership with the City of Philadelphia Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy is seeking design proposals for bike racks to be installed in Center City Philadelphia, and other potential locations in the city. PROJECT DETAILS Of the 10 largest cities in the United States, Philadelphia has the most bicycle commuters per capita. In order to support the transportation choices of its citizens, the City has developed a Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan, with the goal of installing 1,500 new bike racks per year for five years. The Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy is collaborating with the Bicycle Coalition on this artist-designed bike rack competition, with the goal of supporting and encouraging bicycling in Philadelphia by providing a creative solution to the need for bicycle parking: bike racks that also function as additions to the city’s collection of outdoor public art. BUDGET The total budget for each bike rack is $5,000 for small racks and $15,000 for large racks (inclusive of fabrication and installation). The number of designs to be selected is not known at this time. Some designs may be identified for fabrication in limited editions. ELIGIBILITY This competition is open to all artists and design professionals. The Bicycle Coalition and the City of Philadelphia reserve the right to determine additional artist eligibility requirements. LOCATIONS The following sites and bike rack sizes have been identified for consideration; however this competition seeks designs that would be suitable for any number of locations in Center City Philadelphia: ● Sister Cities Plaza (18th Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway): large rack ● City Hall, south side or NW corner (Broad and Market Streets): large rack ● near the PMA Perelman Building (2525 Pennsylvania Avenue): small rack ● Boat House Row (Kelly Drive): small rack ● Penn Center Plaza (between 15th and 16th, Market and JFK Boulevard): large rack ● near the Café Cret (16th Street and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway): small rack ADDITIONAL LOCATIONS In addition to the sites listed above, the competition seeks designs that will work to enhance additional multiple locations in Center City both on plazas and on wide sidewalks. One or multiple designs may be selected. Applicants are encouraged to use the city resource www.cultureblocks.com to further research center city Philadelphia. SELECTION A design review committee comprised of arts professionals, representatives of the City, the Bicycle Coalition, the property owners, and other stakeholders will be responsible for selection of the winning design(s). Proposals will be reviewed on the basis of creativity, artistic merit, technical proficiency and compatibility with the character of Center City. Functionality for the intended purpose, long-term maintenance, durability, and public safety concerns will be equally important selection criteria. The selected artist(s) would be expected to oversee fabrication and installation of the bike racks. This project is funded in part by a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, as part of its Knight Arts Challenge. Please note that private matching funds are being sought for this project. As such, a small plaque acknowledging the funder(s) may be required to be on or adjacent to bike racks. By applying to this RFP, the applicant grants permission to the BCGP and the City to use images of the designs on their websites, print and other media. The BCGP and the OACCE reserve the right to reject any and all proposals submitted.
Philadelphia Bike Rack: "The Pretzel"
Upon our selection by the competition in 2014, BrownSprague LLC was invited to submit additional ideas to the competition sponsor. "The Pretzel" was an extension of that process.
US Mint 2013 Baseball Coin Competition Design Entry
The National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin Act (Public Law 112-152) calls for a three-coin program of $5 gold, $1 silver, and half-dollar clad coins, and requires a competition to select a common obverse design emblematic of the game of baseball. This is the first time the United States Mint has held a public design competition since 1992. In addition, the $5 gold coins and $1 silver coins will be the first convex/concave coins minted and issued by the United States Mint, with the reverses (tail sides) being convex to more closely resemble a baseball and the obverses concave to provide a more dramatic design. “I don't have to tell you that the one constant through all the years has been baseball. America has been erased like a blackboard, only to be rebuilt and then erased again. But baseball has marked time while America has rolled by like a procession of steamrollers.” ― W.P. Kinsella, Shoeless Joe Baseball and coins share an intimate relationship with our hands. This submission seeks to capture this intimacy by representing fragments of the tools of the game at actual scale rather than miniaturize baseball iconography to fit on the face of a coin. Due to the various diameters of the three coins it seems appropriate to use fragments that are unique to each coin size. Obverse Side: The concave shape of the obverse side suggests a container or vessel. The baseball glove, worn on and made by the hand and used to capture the batted ball, is represented in three stitches common to most modern baseball gloves. The size of each stitch: cross-stitch, whipstitch and running stitch are memorialized on each of the three coin denominations at actual size. Reverse Side: The convex side of the coin will represent a modern baseball as stated in the competition brief. It is a desire to again represent a fragment of this baseball and its iconic double stitch, also made by hand, at actual size on each of the three coins. Baseball is a thread that binds together the fabric of a Great American Quilt.
Folly 2013 Socrates Sculpture Park Proposal
This proposal encourages complete interaction with park pedestrians of all ages: "Please tread on me and have fun."
Folly 2012 Socrates Sculpture Park Proposal
Socrates Sculpture Park and the Architectural League invite emerging architects and designers to apply for the opportunity to build and exhibit a full-scale project around the theme of an architectural Folly. This residency was established to explore the intersections between architecture and sculpture and the increasing overlaps in references, materials, and building techniques between the two disciplines.
NY AIA Medal of Honor Competition Entry
Owleye 2011 Woodmere Art Museum Hay Bale Installation
Winner of design contest to create the Second Annual Woodmere Art Museum Hay Maze 2011. Duration: September to November 2011. http://www.woodmereartmuseum.org/
Competition Entries: Art & Architecture
A collection of selected competition entries.
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