Coffee Buzz v2.0
Coffee Buzz v2.0 This little parlor trick is a modification to Ian Gonsher’s “Coffee Shop Construction Toy” published Our hack idea replaces the straw detail at each corner with short lengths of tubing. The tubing provides a connection detail that seems more stable and flexible to the original straw connection. Coffee Buzz is designed to be left behind as a table center piece and business card caddie; one of the tools of our grass roots promotional campaigns of 2013. BrownSprague LLC
Operation Moonshine
Monetization of Space: Since the birth of space exploration man has sought means and methods of ways to use space technology for the advancement of science, the betterment of mankind and commercial endeavors, i.e. communication satellites. As we reach further into the unknown our technological expertise continues to grow. Science, aided by communication and computational technology continues to advance at an exponential rate. Knowledge and technologies generated by space exploration are now shared by nations and private enterprises. This idea is both attainable and more importantly inevitable. Luna: Since the history of man, earth’s moon has filled our hearts and minds with expectation, prophecy, lore and poetry. It is the ever-distant lover, prophet, sign and god, beyond our reach but forever in our dreams. When the moon is visible from earth it has two sides, a light and dark side. While the light side of the moon receives most of the cheer the dark side is usually present, minus the crowd favorite full moon, it is the dark side of the moon that is the host of this study. The center of our solar system, the sun illuminates the planets, light from the sun is an abundant resource in space. Recent studies have pondered the possibility of redirecting sunlight to illuminate commercial and scientific fieldwork on surfaces such as the moon. An array of giant solar reflectors can orbit the moon indefinitely. Their position and movement can be controlled in a precise manner and can ultimately be choreographed to illuminate large regions of the moon’s dark side like projection onto a spherical movie screen. So What? The question I pose is a simple one. Will the surface of the moon be fair game to use as a vehicle for propaganda in the decades to come? If so, who will control it… for what means?
US Mint 2013 Baseball Coin Competition Design Entry
The National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin Act (Public Law 112-152) calls for a three-coin program of $5 gold, $1 silver, and half-dollar clad coins, and requires a competition to select a common obverse design emblematic of the game of baseball. This is the first time the United States Mint has held a public design competition since 1992. In addition, the $5 gold coins and $1 silver coins will be the first convex/concave coins minted and issued by the United States Mint, with the reverses (tail sides) being convex to more closely resemble a baseball and the obverses concave to provide a more dramatic design. “I don't have to tell you that the one constant through all the years has been baseball. America has been erased like a blackboard, only to be rebuilt and then erased again. But baseball has marked time while America has rolled by like a procession of steamrollers.” ― W.P. Kinsella, Shoeless Joe Baseball and coins share an intimate relationship with our hands. This submission seeks to capture this intimacy by representing fragments of the tools of the game at actual scale rather than miniaturize baseball iconography to fit on the face of a coin. Due to the various diameters of the three coins it seems appropriate to use fragments that are unique to each coin size. Obverse Side: The concave shape of the obverse side suggests a container or vessel. The baseball glove, worn on and made by the hand and used to capture the batted ball, is represented in three stitches common to most modern baseball gloves. The size of each stitch: cross-stitch, whipstitch and running stitch are memorialized on each of the three coin denominations at actual size. Reverse Side: The convex side of the coin will represent a modern baseball as stated in the competition brief. It is a desire to again represent a fragment of this baseball and its iconic double stitch, also made by hand, at actual size on each of the three coins. Baseball is a thread that binds together the fabric of a Great American Quilt.
NY AIA Medal of Honor Competition Entry
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